Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process.  This is a newer style of flooring option and can be a stunning alternative to real hardwood.  The cost of laminate flooring can be substantially less than the real thing and in some cases is much more durable.  It is relatively easy to install and is an excellent upgrade to any space.  Laminate is diverse - it can look like hard-surface stone, ceramic or wood.  Yet it is soft, comfortable, and quiet under foot.  

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The advantages to laminate flooring.

Laminate floors are easy to maintain and clean. There don't require any refinishing, sanding, or re-staining and they can be easily vacuumed or dust-mopped.
Laminate floors are popular for kitchens and bathrooms but are ideal for any high-traffic area where there is a need for a durable floor with minimal maintenance.
Laminate floors don't collect dust, making them hypoallergenic - a perfect alternative to fibrous carpets.